Don’t Let Distractions Spoil Your Game – Buy A Golf Club Stand/Holder

Eagle’s eye – well that’s what you need when you are playing golf. A lot of people think they have it, but they step onto the green, they soon realize that they have the normal human eye. Nothing special. But, there are people who would make an eagle proud with their focus and sharp reflexes. Success in the game of golf hinges around these two aspects. You need to be focused all the time. Especially when you are holding the golf club, as you gather your thoughts and utilize your skills when calculating putting the ball to go into the hole. Our challenge is to make the least amount of mistakes, and achieving our best score while having fun at the same time. People spend years trying to master this.

In addition to your skill, The secret that your better golfers already know is that you need to eliminate distractions if you would like to enhance your focus and to effectively play a better game. Any diversions or distracts that takes attention away from focusing on our weight transfer and tempo of our swing just before making contact with the ball, need to be eliminated. The StepKick Caddy eliminates the amount of unnecessary times that you have to bend over by 72%, reducing back pain and giving you added energy to play your best. In addition to this, it’s like having your own personal caddy that keeps your clubs in a up right position and at your side at all times for a easy exchange when you’re not sure of which club to use, while reducing the chance of losing your clubs. You well be able to spot them standing up from just about any where. And then there is the issue of having wet grips? We all know how that can throw your game off ! Don’t let this happen to you ! Buy a golf club stand or holder that holds your clubs in place, whatever the conditions. You won’t miss your thoughts, nor your shots! The StepKick caddy gives you the features and benefit that you’ve been looking for to reduce those unnecessary distractions and well last you a life time of enjoyment.

Keep the Chemicals at Bay with the Best Golf Club Stand Holder

Nothing better than the sunshine and seeing a beautiful fairway before you. The green grass, blue skies and fresh air calling you out for the day. All this beauty we enjoy is maintained and groomed to allow for the best time possible. For the best quality fairways and the most perfectly groomed greens, fertilizers with chemical and additives are used. The StepKick Caddy allows for lush greens without the need for any of these helpful chemicals to get on your clubs. Just another great benefit of using the best golf club stand holder; no need for something meant for the grass to get on ourselves!

Kill the Distractions: Buy a StepKick Caddy Golf Club Stand

In addition to your skill, you need no distractions on or around the greens. When these types of distractions occur right before making contact with the ball, it usually results in a poorly executed shot. This will define the confidence or lack of confidence that we carry into our game for the rest of the day! (Eliminate distraction, Play Like a Pro) Look at it this way, A lot of small distractions add up, and unfortunately simultaneously so does your score! Think about this? You are standing on the fairway contemplating your next shot and you see your extra golf club that you brought with you, fall off the tee that you had so carefully balanced it on, in the attempt to keep your grips clean, dry and up off the ground. Now your thoughts get redirected to having to wipe your club grip dry again! There are many instances like this that can kill your concentration of the shot ahead in a single round of golf. Don’t let this happen to you. Buy a golf club stand or holder that holds your clubs up off the ground and easy to spot, whatever the conditions. You won’t miss your thoughts, nor your shots!

Golf Club Cigar Holder Is All You Need to Perfect the Enjoyment of Your Game

If you enjoy smoking that perfectly rolled cigar while playing a round of golf, then there is one problem that you
well always faced during the game: the problem of holding the cigar while you are taking your shot. Between shots, this well be an ongoing distraction through the duration of the game. and asking a friend to hold your burning cigar would be so uncool.

If you have ever wondered about a cigar holder integrated into a Golf club holder, then your days of wondering are now over. PROBLEM SOLVED! Bronwyck LLC has developed a uniquely designed golf club cigar holder that is the most capable tool that well solve your long standing problem instantly.

How the Golf Club Cigar Holder Works?

There are many types of clip holders available in the market which one can easily attach to the Golf club stand or cart to hold the smouldering cigar comfortably. That said, now you have the ability to make a better choice and invest into a tool that well allow you the luxury of having the perfect companionship with the perfect location to place your cigar while making your shot, and as a added bonus, you well have your extra clubs standing at your side as well. It will also diminish the need to buy a separate clipper holder for the same purpose. It is a blessing for every person who loves to enjoy an occasional cigar while playing a round of golf.

Give Your Back the Much-Needed Relaxation with a Golf Club Rest

How often do you return with a sore back after a game of golf? Everyone who plays golf, regularly or occasionally, usually complains of back pain. This pain is often the result of the number of times we find ourselves bending over to pick up the extra clubs that we laid on the ground when we are not sure of which club we might use as we approach the shot in hand repeatedly. This is common practice for most of us golfers who take two or three clubs along with us when assessing the right club to use, based on the distance etc. So, every time you unnecessarily bend down, you put extra pressure on your back muscles. The more often you bend down, you increase your chances of getting a sore back by the end of the day. (Option 2) You could just suck it up and compromise your game by playing through the pain as you always have before. Discover an easy solution with a common sense approach to reducing the pain that you may have experienced for years.

I am now pleased to announce that our company Bronwyck LLC has designed a state of art, easy to use golf club stand called the “StepKick Caddy” that will greatly reduce your back pain by eliminating 72% the amount of times that you bend over, eliminate the odds of losing your clubs, and wiping off your wet grip in a round of golf. By eliminating these distractions, you can now place more focus on your swing and tempo to start playing more like a pro! This is an essential golf accessory that all golfers should think very seriously about. There are other options available on the market. We would encourage you to shop the rest and then buy the best. The “StepKick Caddy” has been crafted with top notch craftsmanship with the features and benefits that you are looking for in your search for a quality product at a great price. If you want to continue playing golf without returning home with a painful back, the first step is to recognize the problem. Once you have identified the problem, the decision to purchase this amazing golf accessory becomes a no brainier that allows you easy access to your golf clubs while requiring little effort.

Start playing a better game today! Get one today at

Why the StepKick Caddy Golf Club Holder a Boon for the Golfers with a Back-Ache?

Anyone dealing with a bad back? In a New York Times article entitled The Achilles’ Heel of Too Many Golfers: A Bad Back, the author explains just how much of a problem this is in the golfing community. The strain on the back during a golf swing and the constant bending over to retrieve one’s clubs helps to create or exacerbate any back issues we may deal with. The StepKick Caddy can’t help with the swing but it will go a long way in getting rid of needing to constantly bend over. As a bonus, without aggravating your back in needless bending over, with golf club holder by your side, you will have more focused energy to give to your game.

The team at Bronwyck, present to you the finest and most durable golf club stand in the world. The StepKick caddy is made in America, and built to last!

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