The World’s Premiere Golf Club Stand

The StepKick Caddy Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck is the premier golf club stand, and the first choice of golfers. The StepKick Caddy keeps your clubs clean, dry, and visible on the fairway, on the green, and all practice venues. The StepKick Caddy reduces lower back exertion by 72%, and cuts down on excessive knee strain from over bending. After years of research and development, we at Bronwyck are proud to present you with the most streamline, efficient, and easy to use golf club stand in the world.
Each StepKick Caddy golf stand is crafted from high-grade materials and top-notch American craftsmanship. The StepKick Caddy includes a padded club rest, durable foot kick, ergonomically designed easy carry loop, and protective powder coat finish. The StepKick Caddy is an evolutionary addition to the game of golf, that slips easily over the rim of your golf bag. The StepKick Caddy will add ease and comfort to any golfers game. At Bronwyck, we are committed to simplifying the game of golf.

The Perfect Gift For the Golfer In Your Life

Even if you are not an avid golfer chances are that you have a parent, grandparent, friend, or loved one that is. The StepKick Caddy protects wear and tear on expensive clubs by keeping your grips dry, and clubs off the ground. One of the great features of the StepKick Caddy is that it protects your body by cutting down on excessive bending over by 72%. Cutting down on back exertion also protects your knees from over exertion, and strain.  Well protected clubs, a healthy back ,and fresh knees will insure that your loved one enjoys many more years of golf.

StepKick Caddy made in USA
Built to last!

The team at Bronwyck supports domestic manufacturing. We have orchestrated a highly talented group of U.S. professionals, in order to provide you with a product that has been crafted from the highest standards of materials and workmanship. It is with great pride that we, the team at Bronwyck, present to you the finest and most durable golf club stand in the world. The StepKick caddy is made in America, and built to last!

Keep Dry

No More Slip Grip The StepKick Caddy Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck keeps your club grips dry. No more wiping down wet grips, balancing them tenuously on a tee, or laying them on a damp towel.

Bending Down

Keep Your Back Upright

The StepKick Caddy Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck reduces the number of times you bend over in a round of golf by over 72%. Less bending over reduces stress and stain on the knees. A rested back, and fresh knees are two main ingredients to enjoying a great day on the golf course.

Bio-Contaminants and Allergens

Keep Them on the Course

The StepKick Caddy Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck allows you to keep what is on the ground where it belongs, and away from your hands and face.

Great Visibility

Keep Your Clubs With You

Every golfer is guilty of leaving a club behind. The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck comes in multiple brilliant and easy to spot colors. Golfers don’t lose clubs they can see.