If you enjoy smoking that perfectly rolled cigar while playing a round of golf, then there is one problem that you
well always faced during the game: the problem of holding the cigar while you are taking your shot. Between shots, this well be an ongoing distraction through the duration of the game. and asking a friend to hold your burning cigar would be so uncool.

If you have ever wondered about a cigar holder integrated into a Golf club holder, then your days of wondering are now over. PROBLEM SOLVED! Bronwyck LLC has developed a uniquely designed golf club cigar holder that is the most capable tool that well solve your long standing problem instantly.

How the Golf Club Cigar Holder Works?

There are many types of clip holders available in the market which one can easily attach to the Golf club stand or cart to hold the smouldering cigar comfortably. That said, now you have the ability to make a better choice and invest into a tool that well allow you the luxury of having the perfect companionship with the perfect location to place your cigar while making your shot, and as a added bonus, you well have your extra clubs standing at your side as well. It will also diminish the need to buy a separate clipper holder for the same purpose. It is a blessing for every person who loves to enjoy an occasional cigar while playing a round of golf.

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The team at Bronwyck, present to you the finest and most durable golf club stand in the world. The StepKick caddy is made in America, and built to last!

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