“The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck has been in my bag forever now. After using it for a couple of rounds, I have yet to leave a club on the course, plus when it’s wet like here in the Northwest area is one of its best features is keeping the clubs dry. I found it to became a habit to take the StepKick Caddy every time I was by the green or had to take many clubs over to hit a ball on the other side of the fairway when carts were not allowed on the course. It is now part of my golf routine! This is the best golf club stand holder design out there. It is terrific! The StepKick Caddy slips into my bag without taking virtually any space. It is easy to get in and out of the bag like a normal club. “To set up this golf club caddy when you get by the green of fairway you simply step on the StepKick Caddy’s foot kick and it’s ready to go. It’s sturdy so it can hold many clubs, easy to pull out of the ground and simply slip back in your bag ready to use the next time. I have seen other tools like this but the StepKick Caddy is a far superior tool with solid quality manufacturing and many more uses. I have seen other golf club stand for less and more money but the StepKick Caddy design and many uses make it a far better value. It is my choice to be in my bag. This will be a great gift for all occasions. Great for tournaments to hand out to the participants. I know I would love to get one of these for Christmas, tournament gift or raffle prize. I highly recommend theStepKick Caddy Golf Stand for every ones bag!”

– Scott F. Professional golfer extraordinaire!

Get The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck

“I’ve been using The StepKick Caddy Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck from prototypes through to retail and it has become an integral piece of equipment in my golf bag. In fact, it gets more use than any club in my bag besides my putter. I no longer have to bend over and pick up a wet club, or have a buddy hold them. Not to mention that they no longer get left behind. I didn’t realize how invaluable the StepKick Caddy was until I rented cubs on a recent vacation and didn’t have one with me. The two best pieces of advice that I can offer to any active golfer are to 1) stay in shape and 2) get a StepKick Caddy!”

– John T.

Golf Club Stand – A Must Have!

“I have been using Bronwyck’s golf club holder for several months now, and it has been a great tool in helping me keep my mind on the game. I do not have to worry about my clubs getting wet, lost, or left behind. I like walking a course for the exercise, so at first all golf club holders didn’t appeal to me. But after I started carrying Bronwyck’s golf club stand, I found out it came in very handy, especially on those wet days in the Northwest when I had to leave my push cart on the opposite side of the green. On the days I do take a golf cart (hilly courses), or carts are not allowed off the cart paths, the golf club holder is a must have.”

– Arlin C. (avid golfer)

We are Hooked

“Both my girlfriend and I use The StepKick Caddy by Bronwyck, it is a very handy piece of equipment. I honestly thought I’d check it out but probably not use it much. That’s not the case, I’m addicted to it now, as is my girlfriend. Once people try this golf club stand they’ll be hooked.

Thanks for introducing me to The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck, I really appreciate it.”

-Phil W.

Easy to use Club Stand

“Having had both my hips replaced during the Winter, I was excited to renew my passion for golf once again. The StepKick Caddy allowed me to do so as I didn’t have to bend over near as much and my club stayed dry until Spring actually sprung. It’s easy to use on the fairway or around the greens, fits nicely in our out of the bag and is a visible reminder I have clubs to take with me once we are done with each hole. I know there are few improvements in equipment that I hadn’t tried, but this one is now an essential part of my golf experience.”

– Brent M.

Great Golf Tool

“I have been using The StepKick Caddy for two years now. Being an avid golfer and golfing year-round in the State of Washington, I use a cart the majority of the time. During the winter months in this area, you are not allowed off the cart path on most of the courses. This is when I found The StepKick Caddy to be a invaluable tool for me. When on the fairway or chipping onto the green, I like the visual aid of keeping my clubs upright and grips dry. I also enjoy a cigar during around of golf. I personally appreciate the provisions for a cigar in the design of The StepKick Caddy.

Although, I will say it took me a few rounds before I got used to taking it out of my bag when I needed it, but now I do not play without it ! This is a great golf tool and I sure do appreciate it.”

– Mike R.

It’s a Winner!

“I gave The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck to each of my golf buddies and we played a round for the first time with them. They looked at me a little sideways when I gave it to them thinking it was something else they had to deal with. Turns out, they loved it! It is easy to grab, sinks into the ground effortlessly and holds a few clubs out of the way, dry, and easy to find when you finish the hole. It looks great too.

Great job guys. Good luck with your golf club stand…it’s a Winner.”

– Jerry T.