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The Foot Kick

The Golf Club Stand by Bronwcyk’s perfectly designed, functional, and its patented one step foot kick allows it to be easily placed in the ground while concentrating on your next shot.

In addition to easy placement, it is the platform of the foot kick that prevents any swivel or rotation. (single rod type products can not make this claim). This feature allows your golf club to stay where you put them.

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The Top Loop

The Golf Club Stand by Bronwcyk’s loop has been strategically designed with you in mind. It is made to slip over the rim of your bag, so that it is there when you need it.

It is also the perfect size for carrying and picking with just one finger. The loop allows you to have easy and comfortable access to your stand.

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Keep Dry

No More Slip Grip

The Golf Club Stand by Bronwcyk keeps your club handles dry. No more wiping down handles, balancing them tenuously on a tee, or laying them on a damp towel.

Bending Down

Keep Your Back Upright

The Golf Club Stand by Bronwcyk reduces the number of times you bend over in a round of golf by over 66%.A rested back means a better game.

Chemical Free

Keep Them on the Course

The Golf Club Stand by Bronwcyk allows you to keep the course chemicals where they belong, on the course, and away from your hands and face.

Great Visibility

Keep Your Clubs With You

Every golfer is guilty of leaving a club behind. The Golf Club Stand by Bronwcyk provides you with a visual cue to remember and locate your clubs.


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