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The need for a good club stand has been clear. Often when playing with a foursome, a club would be left in the rough or fairway, and shots would be thrown off from wet club grips. After looking around in pro and retail shops, we didn’t see that there were any portable club stands, and so the Sidekick Caddy was created.

Working with the design and function of this product for over the past two years, we have perfected the form, features, and design specification that we were looking for. The target design criteria included:

  • No moving parts to break down
  • Straightforward design
  • One-handed use
  • Easy to carry
  • Fits nicely in our bag with a snug fit
  • Effortless in setup and usage
  • Attractive in appearance

The end design has met and exceeded all of the above objectives, and we could not be happier with the result.


Height – 32” tall, 28 1/2” in ground

Club Rest Cup Size – 2 1/2” wide by 1 1/4” deep

Foot Kick Size – 1 1/4” wide

Bag Opening – 5/8” to fit snugly on most bags

Cigar Size Range – 1 1/8 ” top to 5/8 ” bottom



A little slip of the club grip throws off even the best fairway shot. The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck keeps your club grips dry, affording you the best shot possible. No more wiping down your grips with a damp or wet towel, balancing them tenuously on a tee, or laying them on the ground or on a damp  or wet towel.


Did you realize that in one round of 18 holes of golf, you bend over approximately 108 times with an average of 4 to 6 times per hole? Use of our golf club stand can potentially eliminate 72 out of the 108 times that you bend over. This allows you to have more energy, and focus on playing your best game. We think that the only time you should bend over, is when you are teeing up at the tee box, and removing the ball from the cup. Your back will thank you for using The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck.


Chemicals are used to maintain the beauty of the grass on the golf course. However, they don’t belong on your clubs, hands or face! Using our golf club stand keep chemicals off your clubs and on the ground where they belong.


Most of us are guilty of leaving a club in the rough, on the fairway, or around the green at one time or another. The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck will keep your club off the ground where you can see it, so it does not get left behind.


Bronwyck is an adaptation of the Welsh word meaning beauty. The company’s name harkens back to the land where golf was invented. We want to be associated with a time when golf was simple and played for the pure enjoyment of the game. Our product goal is to create beautiful pieces that simplify the game of golf.

We are proud to announce, as of Jan 1 2014 the club stand is available for retail sale. The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck can now be purchased and golfers can start utilizing the benefits by eliminating distractions that will enhance your golf game.

In September 2011, we conceived of the idea for the club stand after playing a round of golf and realizing that we could use an accessory that served multiple purposes. The name “Sidekick Caddy” was conceived as we sought a product name that represented exactly what the product does.

Building the golf club stand took 20 months of dedication on the part of our team, we could not be more pleased with the result.

The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck: Story, from Concept to Production

Our Golf Club Stand was born one day on the golf course when we realized there were three main distractions we wanted solve in our personal game.

  • Wet club grips, throwing off our shots
  • Eliminating unnecessary bending
  • Leaving clubs behind on the previous hole

So, with those in mind, our golf club stand began to take shape. Over the next few months the club stand went from a short thin rod with a small area to hold a club, to a full-fledged golf tool, that solved multiple problems beyond our initial three concerns.

As the product began to take shape and we began using our early versions, people would frequently come up to us during a round of golf, and ask where we bought our stand. With this spontaneous feedback, we realized that what we had created a product that other people found to be a useful tool as well. This led to our research and exploration of possibly bringing the golf club stand to market. As we explored this possibility, we realized, by eliminating the obvious distraction of the game, a large percentage of golfers will benefit from what our product has to offer. We also found this golf stand to be very useful around the practice green, chipping green, and driving range.

In addition to solving the core three issues, we also included additional practicality and applications into our golf club support stand. These features include; a specifically designed loop for a snug fit on the golf bag that doubles as a cigar holder for on the course, a foot kick to place the stand in the ground with one easy step, and vibrant colors for increased visibility.

During this concept and design phase, we gave The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck to some of our trusted colleagues to test and refine the concept. When we collected feedback from our focus groups, we were surprised to learn the stand had become a standard device in all their games

As we went through different variations of the golf club stand, we worked with various heights, diameters for durability and strength. We adjusted the club rest angle and the loop size, to prefect the shape for its best use. These combined changes with the additional modification of the foot kick implemented into the design which allows for easy one step penetration into the ground.

Although the development of our golf club stand took longer than expected, it was time well spent. It allowed us to create this one of a kind, stand-alone golf stand with style and features that all golfers will appreciate.

FEATURES: It’s the Details that Matter


For 2014, we will be offering 5 colors at launch; black, red, blue, yellow and pink. Featuring a seven step powder coat process. With these stunning colors, we have the right Sidekick Caddy for you, and a great gift for your friends and family, at an affordable price.


The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck’s loop has been designed with you in mind. It has been designed to slip over the rim of your golf bag so that it is there when you need it. The loop is also the perfect size for picking up and carrying with just one finger. This allows you to have easy and comfortable access to your golf club stand at all times.


At the lower section of the golf club stand, we have designed the Foot Kick, which adds a one-step functionality. This feature allows you to place this club stand firmly and precisely without marring the turf.


Last, but not least, our golf club stand has a place for your cigar. The loop at the top of our golf club stand has been specifically designed to serve another purpose for those of you that enjoy an occasional cigar while playing a round of golf. It is able to accommodate 95% of all cigars on the market. Enjoy your game more, with a cigar that stays within your reach and not on the ground.


The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck has been designed to eliminate the distractions from your game. By creating the best golf club support stand on the market, our product allows the golfer to have a more consistent focus on perfecting swing, tempo, and improving the development of muscle memory on your form. Put more enjoyment back in your game with a golf club stand from Bronwyck. By Simplifying the Game of Golf, the golf accessory will become one of the most frequently used tools in your bag.


The Golf Club Stand by Bronwyck. Our goal focuses on making beautifully advanced golf accessories that simplify the game of golf. Bronwyck is based in Seattle, WA.


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